CSS Validator

To use this free online CSS validator, enter your code into the box below and click the green validate button.

What is this tool?

It is a simple-to-use CSS validator that offers powerful reporting functionality based off CSSLint. All you have to do is upload a .css file or paste your code into the editor above and hit the green button.

The tool will then display a complete list of error and warnings, along with what line they are on and a detailed explanation of what the problem seems to be.

The warnings are rather verbose, so I have included errors only at the beginning for those of you who only want to discover CSS validation erros that are potentially catestrophic.

While the warnings can seem rather harsh, they are all relevant according W3 best practices. So you could also see this tool as a way you help you write better CSS markup.

Error example

0 error at line 12 col 1: Expected RBRACE at line 12, col 1.: .rounded-bg {

Warning example

0 warning at line 1 col 1: Rule doesn't have all its properties in alphabetical order.: .sidebar {