HTML List Generator

Create HTML lists easily with this tool. Generate HTML lists from text or create multilevel lists with the option to add various customisations.

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What is This tool?

It's a simple and effective HTML list generation tool that you can use to create lists from plain texts or from no value at all. The text version allows you to import an unlimited number of characters that will be created into a HTML list accordingly. There is also a multi-depth option which is currently limited to 1. These lists can be used for drop-down menus etc. Of course, you have the fundamental choice of whether an ordered or unordered list is created, as well as the ability to add custom classes.

Hopefully, you find this tool useful. If you would like it to be improved in any way please use the Facebook comment functionality on the right.

How Does this tool Generate HTML lists?

We use a custom php function in order to take your desired input and quickly make a HTML list for you.