Javascript Obfuscator

To use this free online javascript obfuscator, enter your code into the box below and click the green validate button.

What is this tool?

it is a free way to obfuscate your Javascript online for free. The most obvious security flaw with Javascript is that is all frontend, making it easy for anyone with a little know-how to see the logic that powers your applications.

While it is practically impossible to make front-end code safe from manipulation, one can protect their code from reverse-engineering. If you have been working hard on writing javascript for your application and want to protect that code from being stolen and put onto competitor websites this javascript obfuscator will help you.

All you have to do is paste the code into the editor above and choose how you would like the javascript to be obfuscated. You can also upload a file from your computer or VIA a URL on the internet.

This tool has the following options:
  • Minify
  • Rotate
  • domain lock
  • dead code injection

The minify option compacts your code ready for production, this does not add any extra security but may be handy.

The rotate option randomly spins strings in your code making it much harder to reverse-engineer.

Domain locking is optional and only allows the code to be run on a list of domains that you have specified. They should be formatted like this:,,

You can also inject dead code into the output, which will further obfuscate your javascript. I do not recommend using this option if you have a lot of javascript to process as it could easily make it 2 or three times as large.