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As a webmaster myself I decided to make this list of web resources that will help you run and maintain your website on the internet as well as build your presence on search engines with SEO and on social media. I will put my favourites at the top and each service is free to use apart from the ones that have been labelled as paid.

To make things easier I have split the list into distinct categories which you can navigate to using the menu below.

Search Engine Webmaster Tools

Official search console provided by Google. Offers sitemap submission, performance stats among many other features.
Official search console for Russian search engine Yandex. A large array of features provided.
Official search console for Bing. A large array of features provided.
Webmaster tools for mail.ru. Only offers sitemap submission and basic stats.
Webmaster tools for Korean portal and search engine Naver. Comprehensive functionality.
Console for largest Chinese search engine, baidu. For registration outside China use this link.
Console for popular Chinese search engine Sogou.
New Search console for leading Czech search engine Seznam. Only provides indexing information.

Traffic Analysis

The most comprehensive of the free analytics solutions offers real-time traffic and can be paired with Search Console to give data about keyword rankings.
Paid to unlock all features but has a free version.
Free but requires knowledge to upload and set-up on your server as this is a self-host only solution.
Includes, Heatmaps, Sessions Recordings, A/B Testing, Funnels, Goals, Form Analytics and SEO features. Paid services but offers a free trial.
Gives detailed recordings and heatmaps of how your web application is being used. Paid service but has a free trial.

Website Performance Tools

Probably the best tool out there at the moment for instant data about the speed of your site.

Domain Reseach/Registrars

Great tool for discovering more "funky" domain names with different extensions.
Highly geared towards domain owner privacy.
Good customer service.

Hosting Providers

Quick set-up
The best option I have found for people who need cheap storage that can be scaled easily. Does require command line knowledge to set-up.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)/DDOS Protection

Free service covers most websites, has many paid addons also.

Keyword Research

Social Networks to Help Build an Audience

Social Media Tools

Content Proofing/Improvement

Grammarly is my go-to spelling and grammar checker. It is free but advanced features are only available to premium users.

Webmaster Blogs

Paid Advertisement Networks

Online Storage Services

Code Editors

On-page SEO Tools

Helps you generate redirects for taking users to a new location in different programming languages.
Helps you generate the most commonly used metadata on the web as well as the option to make custom meta tags.
Ahrefs reintroduced their free backlinks checker, which is nice to see but will only show you 100 referring sites. The paid version is easily the best backlink analyser on the web.

I hope you find these resources useful and have found a helpful service you have not used before. I will be adding more tools to this list as I come across them, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below.

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