CSV to JSON Converter

To convert your CSV file to JSON paste it into the editor on the left.

What is this tool?

It is a simple and effective online CSV to JSON code converter that will allow you to transform a CSV file of any size immediately.

CSV is not a great way to store data for a javascript powered application so it is a good idea to convert it to JSON before using it. On top of that CSV is 2-dimensional data, JSON is multidimensional allowing for much more complex relationships should they be needed.

To use this tool paste your CSV code into the editor on the left, or load a .csv file from your computer or a URL on the web.

Next, choose how your input data is split (delimited). This is most likely with commas, which is the default option.

Then click convert to JSON. The output includes the proper escaping of characters in the JSON.

You can then copy the JSON located in the right-hand editor, or download a .json file to your computer.