HTML Formatter

This HTML formatter/beautifier tool will take your messy HTML code and make it pretty and clean. Choose how your code is formatted from a variety of styles and hit clean!

What is This tool?

It's a HTML code formatter (often referred to as a "Beautifier") that will make your messy code nice, formatted and most importantly readable. If you have been handed code from an automated system or from a messy developer this tool will clean up markup errors, ensuring closing tags match opening tags and will provide tabbed indentation at whatever size should you wish. While beautifying your code, script, php and Laravel blade tags will be left intact. You must remember to back up your unformatted code before replacing as there is always the possibility of an undesired output.

Hopefully, you find this HTML beautifier tool useful. If you would like it to be improved in any way please use the Facebook comment functionality on the right.

How Does this tool Format My HTML Code?

To make this conversion we use php to take your input and make the necessary changes so that you do not have to convert the code manually yourself.