SSL Checker

To use this free online SSL checker tool enter the domain in question into the box below without protocols or subdomains.

What is This Tool?

With this tool you can check the SSL certificate associated with your domain and provide you detailed information about it.

To use this SSK checker enter the domain name in question and click the "generate" button. If it can find a certificate the following information will be returned:

Domain name
What domain the SSL applies to.
Certificate Issuer
Who has issued the certificate.
Signing Algorithm
What encryption method the certificate is using. Pay close attention to this as it should be a modern and secure method.
Valid from Date
The exact date the SSL was valid from.
Is Valid?
A yes or no answer.
Expiration Date
When the SSL certificate will expire.
Is Expired?
A yes or no answer.
The unique identifier of the certificate.
SHA256 Fingerprint
The SHA256 hash digest of the certificate.
Additional Domain Names
If there are any other domains that are using the same SSL certificate they will be listed.