Case Converter

Just input your text into the box below to convert your case online. There is no limit to the amount of content that can be put through this case converter.

What is This Tool?

It is a simple free case converter that you can use to quickly change the casing of text. The tool offers four main functions; Upper case, lower case, title case, and sentence case. Rather than having to make the conversion manually yourself, which could be a timely task on a large block of text, or ruinous if you happened to write a lot of text all in uppercase (we have all been there), this tool does it instantly for you.

  1. Uppercase - all text to uppercase
  2. Lowercase - all text to lowercase.
  3. Title case - capitalises every word in a given string. Useful for making titles more readable. There may be an improvement to this in the future to exclude common words such as "the, a, it" mid-string.
  4. Sentence case - gives the beginning word of every sentence that ends in a full-stop a capital letter. Could be useful in proofing.

No input limit to this converter, however, an enormous amount of text could lag out your browser.

To copy your converted text either click on the box a press CTRL + a then CTRL c (CMD on Mac).