Table to Div Converter

Convert HTML tables into Div tables using this simple tool. Use the options to specify whether you would like the code to be formatted as well as removing the table markup.

What is This tool?

This is a simple tool which allows you to convert a HTML table into a div based one. This modernised markup up is suited to make your website mobile friendly and easier to style using CSS. While this function is generally good at converting HTML tables, extremely messy code could yield an unexpected output. As a result, it is important that you make a backup of your code before replacing it with converted code.

Hopefully, you find this tool useful. If you would like it to be improved in any way please use the Facebook comment functionality on the right.

How Does this tool Convert HTML Tables to Div's?

To make this conversion we use php to take your input and make the necessary changes so that you do not have to convert the code manually yourself.